Noria EVO:CF


RRP $1,200

The Noria EVO:CF cartridge filter is the superior choice for pool and spa filtration.

The Noria EVO:CF utilises high strength, engineered materials to ensure reliable, trouble free operation. The cartridge filter elements are made of non-woven fabrics which provide excellent water clarity, longer cycles between cleaning and maximum flow. The EVO:C has an easy to operate locking system for the top cover that makes regular maintenance to the cartridge easier. 50mm connections provide fast installation and give the EVO:C the ability to handle high flow rates.

Compact in design, the EVO:CF cartridge filter provides superior performance in one convenient package. The EVO: C cartridge filter is part of a range of intensively researched, high quality, connected products that work in harmony to ensure the pool or spa is easy to maintain and ready for use at any time. As it does not require a backwash line, the EVO:C cartridge filter is efficient at water conservation making it a waterearth recommended product.