Noria ROK:XP

ROK:XP 15g

RRP $2,300

ROK:XP 25g

RRP $2,500

ROK:XP 35g

RRP $2,800

ROK:XP 45g

RRP $3,000

Noria ROK Salt Chlorinators kill bacterial contaminants in pool water by the process of electrolysis. Salt water is passed through the electrolytic plates contained within the cell housing and manufactures chlorine. The end result is crystal clear, safe, sparkling water.

A Noria ROK produces a continuous level of sanitiser eliminating the traditional problems associated with manual dosing of chlorine. Accurate water balance is paramount to protect the pool surface and equipment and to maintain healthy water.

The touch pad on the unit allows chlorine output to be adjusted to suit demand. Intelligent design allow a Noria ROK to clean itself by reversing the polarity of its plates. This process removes build up on the plates to ensure optimum performance and cell life.

ROK Salt Chlorinators are part of a range of intensively researched, high quality, connected products that work in harmony to ensure the pool is easy to maintain and ready for use at any time.