Noria ROK:X

ROK:X 20g

RRP $2,400

ROK:X 30g

RRP $2,700

ROK:X 40g

RRP $3,100

Reverse Polarity Chlorinator

The Noria ROK:X series of chlorinators have been released to meet the demands of customers that are looking for a salt chlorinator that offers simple operation and high levels of reliability, while operating in the most demanding situations.

The Australian made ROK:X series is available in 20g/hr, 30g/hr and 40g/hr sizes and operates at low salt levels of 3000 – 3500ppm and is compatible with both salt and mineral pools. All three sizes are Reverse Polarity models that feature an additional Hard/Soft setting switch. This can be set to the hard position in situations where the water is hard to help further reduce calcium deposits from building up on the cell.

A quality analogue time clock comes fitted as standard to all models, should a digital time clock with battery back up be required due to connection to controlled electrical supply, this can be arranged for you.

The chlorine output adjustment is a simple turn of a dial and an easily read chlorine output gauge displays the performance of the chlorinator. The power pack is fitted with readily accessible circuit breaker instead of a fuse for ease of use. The power pack comes with 2 years warranty.

The long life cells are manufactured from premium grade materials and are designed to give years of trouble free service. The cells come with 5 years Pro-Rata warranty.